Algaplex Limited is a UK registered company aiming the promotion of the microalgae biotecnology sector. Algaplex has agreements with several European companies and universities for the development of lab based, pilot and commercial facilities for the production, processing and sales of microalgae and related products. The company is a knowledge trader with activities in all levels of the microalgae value chain. The networking with the leading companies and universities in the field in Europe, make Algaplex a unique partner from research projects to large scale production ventures anywhere in the world. Algaplex has a business agreement with A4F Algae for Future, SA a leading company in the sector with a wide range of FP7, H2020 Projects and a network for more than 50 partners. A4F also brings a unique expertise in scaling-up the largest 1.300 m3 tubular photobioreactors and the largest cascade raceways with 3.000 m3. The design, build, operation and transfer to clients can be done according with customer demand and specifications. Several other companies are at present also networking with Algaplex for deployment or renting of microalgae labs, pilots or production facilities.

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